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American Tax Policy Institute


The College is a principal sponsor of the American Tax Policy Institute (ATPI), an organization dedicated to the advancement of objective and nonpartisan research on tax policy. The establishment and continuing support of ATPI is one of the American College of Tax Counsel’s most important undertakings. Before the Institute was formed, there was no organization with an exclusive focus on tax policy research and the improvement of existing tax policy in the United States.

The American Tax Policy Institute has a limited – but important – goal, namely, the advancement of sound tax policy through objective and nonpartisan research.  The Tax Policy Institute seeks to fulfill that purpose by conducting conferences, holding roundtables and sponsoring discrete research projects. Each project addresses a particular tax policy issue, assesses deficiencies in existing policy, and identifies methods for correcting the identified deficiencies. In selecting its projects, the Institute focuses on those tax policy issues that are of substantial current interest and will generate research reports that are expected to be immediately useful to decision makers.

In 2021 ACTC co-sponsored the ATPI Taxation and Gender Summer Series 2021, and webcasts of the sessions are available on the ATPI website:

  • Part 1, July 23, 2021: In Tax Gender Blind is not Gender Neutral – How tax policy and administration must consider women
  • Part 2, July 30, 2021: U.S. Pandemic Effects Which Disproportionately Affected Women
  • Part 3, August 6, 2021: Looking to the Future
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